Mini Palette Trivet & 4 Palette Coasters Set

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Product Description

Palette trivet/hot pad + 4 mini Palette drinking coaster set :
1. The Palette Trivet is a new item of a line of original and unusual products for your kitchen, with the industrial touch of Labyrinth-BCN and our standard quality based on good and resistant materials, a durable trivet with that attractive look of Labyrinth Products¦ Do you already have the Palette It? Buy the new Palette Trivet and they will make a perfect match.
The Palette Trivet is an exact replica of its little brother, the Palette-It. The only difference is the size. The Trivet is 19 cm long, 12.70 cm wide and 2.5 cm high, produced with the best quality recycled pine wood from responsibly managed forests and featuring all the stamps you can find in the real size pallets. Like the rest of our products, we want the Palette Trivet to be a sustainable product so we have reduced its packaging to the minimal expression and we have used recycled cardboard for it.
2. This cute and original miniature pallets will be the star of all your social events!!!
The classic pallet, produced with recycled pine wood, is an accurate replica of its bigger brother, including the quality and brand stamps.
Built to resist the loads of the "heaviest drinkers".
The pallet coasters come in a set of four units, each one a 1:10 scale replica of a regular pallet.
The sizes of the pallets are approximately 12cm(W) x 2cm(L) x 8cm(H)
Length inch : 4.70
Height inch : 3.20
Width inch : 3.10
Weight Ibs : 0.35

Mini Palette Trivet & 4 Palette Coasters Set

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